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Oversized resilient seated gate valve

Oversized resilient seated gate valv

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Detail Introduction

Product introduction

Oversized gate valve is made of finest ductile cast iron or cast steel with high strength,light weight and precise dimensions.The disc is replaceable.And the valve is gear operated and easily open or close the valve by one man,at the same time it can be with opening indicator according to the client's requirement,or be with electric or pneumatic actuator.It's sealing and anti rust function is very good.And it is liable with long life.It can be installed vertically or horizontally and widely used in feeding and draining system,sewage treatment system,construction, mining,metallurgy,electric power plant etc..

Serial no. part material
1 Body Grey cast iron,ductile cast iron,cast steel
2 Disc Ductile cast iron packed with rubber or EDPM outside
3 Bolt Carbonized treatment
4 Gasket Buna-N rubber or EPDM
5 Cover Grey cast iron,ductile cast iron,cast steel
6 Stem Stainless steel
7 O-ring Buna-N rubber
8 Thrust bearing Gunmetals
9 Bolt Carbon steel or alloy
10 Gland ductile cast iron,cast steel
11 Dust proof gasket Buna-N rubber
12 Handwheel Ductile iron

Main dimensions


DN 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1200
L 457 508 660 720 780 840 960
Hmin(full close) 1480 1665 2200 2800 2800 3000 3000
Hmax(full open) 1650 1900 2350 2950 2950 3150 3150
H(ELECTRIC) the electric actuator according to the client's requirement
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