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China API Class Wafer Type Lift Check Valve

China API Class Wafer Type Lift Chec

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Detail Introduction

Design According to API 594
Face to face according to API594
Pressure & Temperature Rating according to ASME B16.34
Test & inspection According to API 598
Materials: CF8M (SS316), CF8 (SS304), DIN4.4408/4.4308 Available
Working Pressure: PN16~PN40
Suitable Temp.: -196ºC~550ºC( Different temp. for different material)
Suitable Medium: Water, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid

The valve flap of the imported H71W lift-type check valve is disc-shaped, and rotates around the shaft of the valve seat passage. Because the valve passage is streamlined, the flow resistance is smaller than that of the butterfly check valve, which is suitable for low Large diameter applications where flow rates and flow do not change very often. Install horizontally or vertically in the piping system to prevent backflow of media.Its various indicators are superior to any of the currently available upper return valves. Its application is widely used in water supply and drainage, fire protection, construction, HVAC, industrial systems. Any medium such as water, gas, oil, acid, lye, hydrogen, ammonia, special fire protection pipes can be used. For example, it can be installed at the outlet of the pump to avoid water hammer, water hammer and destructive impact, to prevent backflow and protect equipment, and to have better energy saving effect.

The valve flap of the clamp check valve has a short stroke, the valve flap is light, and the spring is assisted to close, and the valve closing speed is fast. The structure has short length, small volume, light weight, small fluid resistance, reliable sealing, stable opening and closing, wear resistance, long service life, oil pressure, slow closing without medium influence, and good energy saving effect. It brings great convenience to the installation, handling, storage and arrangement of the valve, and can save a lot of materials and reduce the cost.
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